10 Best Men’s Haircuts

1. Long Comb Over Fade

A buzz cut fade has trimmed sides, back, and top and is low-maintenance. To create a stunning contrast between the crown and the jagged fading sides, keep some length on top. 

2. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cut fades are low-maintenance short haircuts with clipped sides, back, and top. To contrast the crown and jagged faded sides, leave some length on top. 

3. Cool Brushed Up Hair with Mid Taper Fade

Cool brushed-up hair with a mid-taper fade shows off volume on top and contrast on the sides. 

4. Longer Curly Hair Fade

Men and teens with curly hair can wear fades. Low or scissor fades smooth, whereas high fades contrast.

5. Spiky Hair Fade

A badass yet wearable haircut for men is the spiky hair fade. This cut contrasts thick hair on top with shorter sides.

6. Textured Comb Over with Undercut Fade

The traditional and manly textured comb over with an undercut fade adds contrast and complexity to a sophisticated look. This style looks best on males with thick, straight hair.

7. Textured Quiff with Mid Taper Fade

The sleek and stylish textured quiff with a mid taper fade has buzzed sides and longer hair on top. The front-brushed quiff instantly modernizes any ensemble. 

8. High and Tight

Men's thick curly fades are stylish and youthful. Playful and trendy are the blended fade on the sides and textured curls on top.

9. Thick Curly Hair Fade

Men's thick curly hair fades are trendy and youthful. The blended fade on the sides and textured curls on top create a playful and stylish appearance.

10. Short Hair with High Taper Fade

A high taper fade hairstyle for males has sharply clipped sides and light volume on top. This low-maintenance style can be enhanced with a fringe.

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