11 Lunch Wraps That Save Money

Buying lunch daily adds up quickly. Take your lunch to work to save money. These inexpensive wraps can be made the night before.

1. Hummus Wraps

Hummus Wraps are cheap and tasty with or without meat. Add your favorite veggies and enjoy.

2. Easy Tuna Wrap

A tasty, healthful wrap may be made with just a few ingredients for lunch or dinner. Easy Tuna Wrap is cheap and quick to make.

3. Thai Peanut Chicken Wrap

A soft, whole-grain tortilla wraps tender chicken, crisp veggies, and a delectable Thai peanut sauce. Thai flavors come alive in this Thai Peanut Chicken Wrap.

4. Italian Chicken Wrap

Taste Italy at the break room. This Italian Chicken Wrap is a great lunch or dinner alternative with classic flavors.

5. Cobb Salad Wrap

This Cobb Salad Wrap is a tasty and healthful lunch that will keep you full until dinner.

6. Cajun Chicken Wrap

Cajun Chicken Wraps are spicy! A soft tortilla wraps juicy Cajun-spiced chicken, vivid bell peppers, sweet caramelized onions, and crunchy lettuce.

7. BLT Wrap

The soft tortilla wraps crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and creamy mayo. BLT Wraps may be the ultimate lunch.

8. Ranch Chicken Wrap

Ranch dressing and avocado lend acidity and richness. Ranch Chicken Wraps are a simple, filling meal that will keep you full until dinner.

9. Fajita Wrap

Salsa and guacamole accompany tender chicken, caramelized peppers, and onions. People want more of this Fajita Wrap.

10. Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wrap

This wrap features grilled chicken breast, crisp lettuce, crunchy carrots, and ranch dressing. This Healthy Buffalo Chicken Wrap is spicy, crunchy, and creamy.

11. Mango Chicken Wrap

Imagine a soft tortilla with tender grilled chicken, juicy mango pieces, crisp lettuce, and delightful salsa. Even picky eaters will love our Mango Chicken Wrap.

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