12 Time-Saving Kitchen Hacks

1. Pit Cherries With A Beer Bottle

Rapidly pitting cherries? No problem! Stick a chopstick through a cherry on an empty beer bottle. Squeeze and collect the pits and sticky juices in the bottle below. Drinking straws work.

2.Pre-Cut Your Butter For Cooking

Next time you put butter on the butter dish, swiftly cut it into tablespoon-sized pieces. When your recipe calls for a tablespoon of butter, just get a piece from the fridge.

3. Grate Tomatoes To Make Sauce

For a quick, fresh marinara sauce, halve your tomatoes and rub them on the side of the grater with the largest holes over a basin to capture the pulp.

4. Freeze Meat For 15 Minutes Before Cutting

Thin-slicing thick or blunt flesh is challenging. Before cutting, freeze meat for 15 minutes. Cold hardens meat. Fish and chicken breasts work.

5. Cook Pasta In A Pan

Pan-cook spaghetti! Cold water and spaghetti in the pan. Stir and add water to cook pasta. Since water evaporates, not straining saves time and dishes.  

6. Prevent Jams and Jellies From Spoiling

The jar won't last a week unless you consume jam every day. Sugar prevents mold from growing on top.

7. Keep Your Knives Clean and Save Space

Wall magnets are safer, cleaner, and more hygienic than knife blocks and save space. It's a million times better than reaching into a dangerous drawer of mess.

8. Grind Your Own Spices

Make your own spice blends by combining whole spices in a coffee grinder.  Your spices will be extremely fresh, and you can customize them to your liking.

9. Peel Ginger Like A Champ

A little spoon is ideal for the difficult task of peeling ginger root! It's just not the same without the peeler.

10. Freeze Your Herbs In Olive Oil

Use leftover herbs or grow a year-round herb garden. It's simple: chop herbs, pack them into ice cube containers, pour oil (or butter) on top, and freeze. This serving-sized herb hack will save time and spice your food.

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