6 Weight-Loss-Friendly High-Protein Breakfasts

Easy salmon bowls

Nutritionally dense salmon. Salmon contains protein, vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, D, E, and selenium. In the oven or air fryer, salmon takes 15 minutes to cook.

Bell pepper dinner nachos

Nachos can be a protein-packed meal as well as a pub appetizer. Nachos can be a nutritious cheat meal if prepared properly. First, Nadeau cuts calories and enhances Vitamin C and A by replacing half the chips with sliced, roasted bell pepper.

Chicken with Pistachio Curry Salad

Slice the fully roasted chicken and throw it in the dressing. This healthful curry chicken salad can be served on greens or in lettuce wraps. Adding healthy fats and fiber to pistachios, a complete protein, makes each mouthful more gratifying. 

"Plus, about 90% of pistachios' fats are unsaturated, for a trio of nutrients that may help keep you fuller longer."


"A warm beef chili bowl is a diet-friendly dinner that will help you lose weight. Not only does it provide high-protein content from both the meat and the beans, which helps keep you fuller for fewer calories, but it's also an aromatic dish that'll leave you satisfied."

High-protein, high-fiber pasta

I love this quick and healthy take on a standard pasta dish because it's fast and full of protein that's suitable for vegetarians. The noodles have as much fiber as protein, so the dish will keep you fuller longer!

Stir Fry

Stir-fry is a high-protein meal option. If you change the meats and veggies, you may prepare this daily. Options are nearly unlimited. You can stir fry beef, pig, chicken, shrimp, turkey, ahi tuna, or tofu with whichever veggies you choose.

Your stir fry can be spicy, saucy, or sweet. You'll have a protein-packed meal.  To improve nutrients and protein, serve stir fry over brown rice.

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