9 Superfoods for Better Health

Superfoods are healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Eat these healthy foods to feel healthier and more energized.


Melon is the best skin food. Water, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium are abundant in 1 cup of watermelon (46 calories). Antioxidant-rich watermelon.


Almost every Korean meal includes kimchi. Usually made using napa cabbage, daikon radish, aromatics, and spices.

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Especially useful is oleic acid. It reduces rheumatoid arthritis pain and inflammation. Olive oil contains vitamins and antioxidants.


Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and zeaxanthin, and 6 grams of protein are in each 70-calorie egg.

Chia Seeds

Protein, soluble fiber, and healthy fat are in each tablespoon. These super seeds contain calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, vital elements for good health.


The root-based spice contains curcumin. It's antimicrobial and perhaps antibacterial and antifungal. Curcumin also improves digestion and skin.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens provide fiber, vitamins A, C, E, and K, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Chlorophyll, too. The green pigment in plants that turns sunlight into plant sustenance is healthy.


Avocados contain 1 gram of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, including potassium. Bananas, avocados, spinach, and beans lower blood pressure.

Quercetin-Rich Foods

Apples, onions, rutabaga, tomatoes, kale, peppers, and radishes contain quercetin. This powerful flavonoid destroys free radicals. It fights heart disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia.

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